Hi, we’re Constance 🐼 and Jimmy 🐻!

We started The Adventures of Panda Bear in 2017 to share our adventures around the world in food, travel, and architectural eye candy. Our blog is chock full of detailed itineraries, useful travel tips, and factual information.

We focus on weekend trips (both 2 and 3 day weekends), trying new food and experiences, as well as learning about the places we visit. We enjoy maximizing our weekends and we’ll show you how to! Our fast-paced weekend itineraries are detailed and easy to use, they’re the perfect guide for planning your trip.

We love (and specialize in) sharing fun facts about the cities and countries we visit! You’ll be sure to pick up something new in each of our posts. The stories within the blog are based upon real-life experiences and we won’t sugar coat anything, you can expect nothing but honest opinions here!

Feel free to peruse our site, we love hearing from our readers and figuring out what we can do better!

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Want to learn more about us?

Well since we love fun facts, here are some facts about us!

  1. Constance’s nickname is 🐼  because she loves pandas. The blog’s name was originally inspired by this nickname. 
  2. We met each other from an online dating site back in 2014. Our love of food and traveling brought us together and the rest is history. 💖
  3. We both gained our shared sense of wanderlust in different parts of the world. Constance studied abroad in Hong Kong and Shanghai, maximizing weekends and school holidays to travel and explore. Jimmy was sent on work trips to The Netherlands and used his time wisely to explore Paris and Brussels
  4. When we travel, we always pack a disposable film camera. We have fun with being surprised by the photos since we won’t know how they look until after they’re developed.
  5. We both love eating so most of our trips revolve around sightseeing and food.

Current 2020 Health Advisory

In light of the pandemic and current events, we are urging all of our readers to travel responsibly. Face coverings are required in many areas of the world, including our home state of California. We are also encouraging social distancing (staying at least 6 feet away from others who are not in your household) and staying home if you feel sick.

Cabin fever is definitely real, and if you are traveling, we highly encourage you to quarantine for 14 days following your trip to prevent asymptomatic spread of the coronavirus.

Need Design Services?

Constance provides freelance design services in user experience, graphic design, web design, and print design. In short, she is skilled in creating logos, WordPress sites, and as well as providing website evaluations for user-friendliness. Stay tuned, we are in the process of creating a page with a form to contact her directly for a quote! For the meantime, you can email project details to Constance at [email protected]

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And lastly, we hate having to say stuff like this, but it also has to be said.

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